Career for Housewives as LIC Agent.

If a lady takes responsibility of insuring people of her area then by working 2-3 hours daily she can earn handsome amount of money.

LIC OF INDIA is the biggest financial institution in India and it gives opportunities to everyone specially to ladies to earn handsome amount by spending few hours daily. There are numerous examples of successful LIC agents who are females. They are earning sufficient amount to support their families and leading a happy and prosperous life.

As per the census 70% ladies are housewife who are well educated but not employed. They spend their most of the time near their home and during day time they are free, for such ladies LIC provides great career opportunities.

Those ladies who remain at home and have no source of income they have to adjust with their respect at home. For even smaller amount they have to depend on their husband. In the families where one woman is earning and one is non earning then non earning women is looked as if she is not capable. In comparison with earning lady members of the family they get lesser respect. Family members of the family does not give proper respect to them.

We talk about women empowerment but those ladies who are over aged and not eligible for government job they can join LIC as Lic agent. They will have lot of time with them to support their family and in the free time they can work for LIC and good commission. Its up to them how much they wanted to earn.

Housewives, self employed ladies, beauticians etc can join LIC OF INDIA. and utilize their knowledge to increase their income.

If you are self dependent then you have self respect and you can live a happy and respectful life.