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LIC is the financial institution in India and it gives opportunities to everybody Including women’s both who want to working class and housewife class which make them independent. There are many women who work in LIC and get paid handsomely.

Almost 70% ladies are housewife who are educated but not employed.

LIC gives them opportunity to be part of the working class without giving up their household works.

All they have to do is to work hard and smartly to convince people to join LIC by showing them the benefits of LIC plans. 

They don’t have to work 9-5 just a 2-3 hours of their day time and they can earn a lot.


LIC has given this opportunity to women which will make them independent and they can contribute to their family rather than depending on other.

Usually, in India a non-working women goes through a lot even for the smaller things she has to depend on their husband which brings inequality. Which lead to less respect to them. She does not have a voice in their own house.

Women empowerments is a long debating subject around the globe but only few creates opportunity to them. We have created opportunity for them be of any age. All they have to do is just be confident and give 2-3 hours of their day time.

They can learn around 6 figures how much they want to earn is also depended on them.

Time of work, area  they can select as per their suitability.

Housewives, self employed ladies, beauticians etc can join LIC OF INDIA. and utilize their knowledge to increase their income.

If you are self dependent then you have self respect and you can live a happy and respectful life.

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